BIC Publishing is an international music publisher with offices in New York, Los Angeles and Frankfurt am Main. The team, comprised of DJs known throughout Europe, producers and club managers Dennis and Julian Smith, as well as Grammy-nominated producers Frank and Christian Berman, has a successful track record in the music industry stretching back many years, and has launched the careers of numerous successful performers. With BIC Publishing, the team is pursuing new ventures, and sees itself as an inspirational driving force in the international music business.

We want You – Casting for a Girl-Band Project

Quick Overview of the GWA Casting Criteria

Music is your life, and the world’s clubs and stages are your second home. You hate conformity, are restless, and always on the go. You long for a chance to show the music world just who you are, what you have to offer, and present your own unique style. If this sounds like you, then you’re just what we’re looking for!

Each candidate is characterized by a strong affinity to music. She can sing or rap, play a musical instrument, possibly has a classical education, understands songwriting, and has stage experience. DJ skills and experience are a plus. Her appearance is characterized by eye-catching tattoos, piercings, a punk-like self-assured clothing style, and a haircut/style that distinguishes her from the average girl.